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5 subject-matter experts with Risk and Compliance expertise for a global consulting firm

5 subject-matter experts with Risk and Compliance expertise for a global consulting firm


A global consulting firm, one of our clients in the MENA region, secured a crucial mandate for a risk and compliance project involving several banks. The project aimed to ensure compliance with regulatory changes introduced by the regulator.

The project was time-sensitive, with potential severe consequences for delayed report submissions. The firm required 5 subject-matter experts experienced in similar regional projects, but these resources were not readily available.

The firm had previously partnered with Outsized for strategy, risk, and project management talent and contacted us for these short-notice requirements.

Regulatory compliance illustration

What we did

Outsized engaged with the key stakeholders on the project team to understand the project's core requirements. We assembled a team for this critical, time-sensitive project and reached out to our community of independent consultants with the necessary skills.

After conducting an outreach and matching exercise, we shortlisted consultants and engaged them for project briefings and initial interviews. This process enabled us to provide the client with a curated report of available consultants within a short timeframe.

The efficient process and the scale of Outsized’s network facilitated quick decision making. Our team coordinated the entire process, expediting work visas through external agencies, and the client stakeholders could quickly select and interview relevant shortlisted talent options.

The Outcomes

  • The client extended offers to the best fit candidates, who were then quickly deployed onsite
  • As a result of having the experts onboard, the consulting firm was able successfully deliver their time-sensitive project to their end client, strengthening their relationship
  • The swift identification and deployment of independent consultants onsite helped the banks meet the regulator's tight deadline and avoid penalties
  • Outsized's agile and professional approach strengthened our relationship with the client, consolidating us as a preferred partner of the consulting firm

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