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Frequently Asked Questions by Outsized’s independent talent

Platform overview

What does Outsized do?

Outsized match independent consultants, skilled contractors, and subject-matter experts to projects and contract roles with large enterprise clients and consulting firms in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

How is Outsized different from other freelancing platforms?

We are different from other platforms for freelancers and independent professionals in the following ways:

  • We are the home for top independent talent across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Outsized has a focus on the skilled segments of the independent market. All our independents are highly qualified professionals, meeting the high quality standards of our clients
  • Our clients are all great brands, either blue chip enterprises or management consulting firms
  • We focus on long-term, full-time projects (typical duration 1-12 months, mostly 3-12 months)
  • We have an exclusive Community for platform members, where you can discuss with other high-end independents, find project collaborators, and participate in digital and in-person events
  • All independent talent goes through a vetting process after applying to become members to ensure we’re a great fit for each other and what our clients are looking for in terms of skills areas and experience
  • We focus on opportunities that are paying good rates, with clients who treat independent well


Importantly, we take great pride in being a force for good in the talent market. You can read about our values in the About Us section of the website, and feel free to check out our ratings from clients, talent, and team on Trustpilot, Google, and Glassdoor.

What types of clients do Outsized have?

We work with blue-chip enterprises and consulting firms across Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. The opportunities are independent consulting projects or contract roles.

What kind of projects or roles do you have?

Our clients use Outsized for a broad range of skills. Examples of popular areas are Project Management, Strategy Consulting, Business Analytics, Technology Implementation, Product Management, Risk Management, PMO, Agile, Data Analytics, etc.


Please check our Jobs page for current opportunities.

Are the opportunities on-site or remote?

Most of the opportunities are on-site or a hybrid of on-site and remote. However, there are also fully remote opportunities. You can filter the opportunities on our website based on skills, geography and whether they are remote or not.

Registration and profile setup

How do I apply as an independent on Outsized?

You can easily apply to be part of the platform as an independent using the steps below:

  • Click here to sign up using your LinkedIn login details, or enter your email id and set a password
  • Click on get started and enter the code send to your inbox to verify your account
  • Enter your LinkedIn profile URL to import details or choose to enter your details manually
  • Once you fill in the personal details, expertise and background section, click confirm and you can start applying for projects. Our matching algorithms will also alert you when relevant opportunities are posted
  • Our team will verify your details and get in touch with you soon
What information is required to complete my profile?

You can automatically pre-populate most of the required information by using your LinkedIn profile URL. If you opt fill out the details manually, you must fill in your basic details including city you are currently in, contact details, industries previously worked in, availability, professional and educational experience.

We highly recommend to add 1-3 relevant projects you have worked on in the past, either as an independent or in a permanent role. This improves the likelihood to be matched to relevant projects or contract roles.

Does Outsized charge independent talent any fees?

No. We do not charge any fees for registering or maintaining a profile with us, nor do we charge any fees to apply for opportunities. Our business model is to charge the clients a percentage of the contract value. This does not come off your day rate, it is charged separately to clients.

How do I get matched to projects or contract roles?

How are consulting project opportunities and contract roles matched to independents?

There are two ways the perfect match can happen.

Firstly, once you have completed your application and are approved, you are automatically included in the matching for all projects and roles posted. Remember, the more complete information you have on your platform profile, the likelier it is that you will be matched to relevant opportunities. Thus, take time to ensure that your profile is complete, and has 1-3 project opportunities from previous independent projects or permanent roles to maximise your chances (you need to help our clever algorithms just a little!).

When there is a match, you will be asked if you are available and interested, and to provide any additional information if needed. The client then selects one or more of the shortlist, typically for a digital interview, before deciding who to hire.

The second way matching happens is if you proactively apply for opportunities on our site. Your application will be reviewed and our team will get back to you whether you are being included in a shortlist, the rest of the process is as per above.

What is Outsized’s role during the course of the engagement?

Outsized is involved right from scoping of the role through to contracting. However, post the contracting phase we don’t take part in the project execution. This should be left to the experts, i.e., you! Once we have done our job getting you the opportunity, we let you do yours.

What is the typical length of the projects and contract roles on Outsized’s platform?

Our opportunities are mostly full-time, and the initial contract length is typically 1-12 months, with most falling into the 3-9 months range. Many projects get extended, and sometimes if both the client and the individual agree the contract converts into a permanent position.

Can I apply for multiple projects simultaneously?
  • Yes, you can apply for multiple projects simultaneously through our platform.

However, only apply for projects or roles that are a good fit with your skills. Our clients and Outsized take great care writing realistic requirements when it comes to skills and experience-levels needed, any languages or visa requirements, etc. We clearly indicate what are musts and what are nice-to-haves.

How can I find out if I've been selected for a project after applying?

After going through your application, once shortlisted you will be contacted by our team and kept informed throughout the process. Simultaneously, you can always check the dashboard and keep track of your application for real-time updates.

Skillset and experience

What skill sets and experience levels are most in-demand on Outsized?

We support our clients on a wide range of skills. Currently, some of the top skills in demand are Project Management, Strategy Consulting, Business Analytics, Technology Implementation and Product Management, and Risk. The projects usually require 3-15 years of experience, and vary for different types of roles.

Are there any specific qualifications or certifications required for certain projects?

Yes, each project or contract role have their specific requirements. Any specific qualification or certification that are required for a certain opportunity is clearly outlined in the description. Thus, make sure to only apply for projects or roles that are a good fit with your skills, and where you meet any specific requirements listed.

Earnings and payments

What payment methods are supported, and how frequently are payments made?

All the payments are made through bank transfers. We pay within days after the client has paid us, maximum 5 days.

Will Outsized help me figure out my day rate / hourly fee?

Yes. We are more than happy to help you figure out a realistic rate based on our insights and market standards to make sure you are compensated fairly for your services.

How is compensation for projects determined?

The independent’s compensation for the projects is dependent on:

  • Client budgets
  • Your level of experience
  • The skill area, ie how much in demand
  • The geography, especially for onsite roles
Does Outsized take a commission or fee from my earnings?

No, we do not charge you for anything and you keep all of your day rate. Outsized adds a percentage uplift on your rates to the client – this is invoiced separately to the client and not taken from your agreed rate.

Contracting for individual projects or roles

How are contracts managed through Outsized?

There is a contract / statement of work, outlining all the important information on project scope or role, any specific deliverables, timelines, rate, total duration, etc. This is between Outsized and the individual. Outsized has a separate master agreement with the client.

How does Outsized handle confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?

Not all projects will involve signing an NDA. However, in such scenarios, we share the non-disclosure agreements along with the project contract for review and signing.

Client interaction

How does communication with clients occur through the platform?

All communication regarding the project will be done through Outsized until you are onboarded by the client. Following this, you will be directly in touch with the client during the duration of the project. Many, if not most, of the opportunities through Outsized are at least partly on-site with the client.

What happens if there are disputes or issues with a client?

Either party has the right to terminate the contract at any time but the freelancer will have to serve the notice period (usually 30 days).

Support and resources

What kind of support does Outsized provide to freelancers?
  • We’re glad you want to know about this! Our platform is dedicated to connecting independent talent like you to their dream opportunities. However, we want to add value to your career and development also when you are not on a contract through Outsized.


This is why we have spent a lot of time talking to independent pros and thinking about what the most important things are, other than the best projects and contract roles of course. This what we’ve come up with so far:

  • Membership to an exclusive private Community where you can connect with peers, find project collaborators, and participate in digital events with industry experts
  • In-person meetups for independents in key locations
  • A dedicated Insights page featuring articles, how-I-made it interviews, practical guides, and downloadable templates

A selection of curated perks for independent professionals, designed to simplify your professional life. The perks span areas such as upskilling, financial protection, admin tools, volunteering opportunities, and much more

Community and networking

Is there a Community aspect to Outsized for networking with other freelancers?
  • Of course! Independents need their own tribe and our Community is just that – an exclusive space for independent talent to connect, network, and grow their careers – together. We host exclusive live upskilling events with industry experts, organise meetups in key locations, and there’s a forum to ask questions, discuss and share expertise.
Are there opportunities for collaborative projects or partnerships?

Yes,you can connect with other independent professionals in the Community through private groups, get to know independents near you through the regional forums and monthly networking events or participate in our collaborative initiatives to form partnerships with professionals globally.


Will my project-related expenses be covered separately?
  • Yes. Agreed project-related expenses are covered, but need to be pre-approved by the client.


How will taxation for contractual roles be different from full-time employment?
  • Taxation for contractual roles versus full-time employment can vary significantly depending on the country and specific tax laws in place. Generally, independent talent can deduct certain business expenses, leading to tax savings. While our specialists at Outsized can provide you with general guidelines, we cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of this. We recommend consulting a financial advisor for detailed tax advice to fully understand your obligations and benefits.
Will I have to pay my own tax, or will it be deducted?

Yes. As an independent, you are responsible for paying your own taxes, including income tax and possibly other forms of self-employment taxes, depending on your location. However, in some cases, we may be legally required to withhold taxes at source. If so, you will be given certificates every quarter through which you can reimburse the amount withheld.

Taxation and financials

What happens after my contract/project has expired or been completed?
    • When your initial contract ends:
    • Your contract might get extended depending on the status of the project
    • You might be placed internally on another project with another team
    • You might get hired on a full-time basis by the end client
    • You might have to look for another opportunity

    Most projects have a fixed duration, but many are extended, and some are converted into permanent positions (needs to be mutually agreed).

Will I have to serve a notice if I no longer want to continue with the project or contract role?

In case either party terminates the contract, the freelancer will have to serve a maximum notice period of 30 days.

Will I become an Outsized employee or remain independent when working through Outsized?

No, you will not be an employee of Outsized. You will be working as an independent talent with the end client.

Why is contracting done via Outsized and not with the client directly?

The clients we work with are generally large organisations with lengthy procurement processes where direct contracting would take many weeks, often months. To reduce the onboarding time for you and our clients, we have already been through the general procurement process and signed a master agreement with the client. This means we can onboard the independent on the client’s behalf within days.

Payments and invoicing

Can Outsized help me figure out how to prepare and raise invoices?
    • Yes, as a part of your onboarding with Outsized we will share the invoicing template and walk you through how to prepare and raise your invoices.
What are Outsized’s standard payment terms for freelancers?

The payment terms are client specific and fully transparent before you take on any assignment. However, as general rule of thumb, you can expect to be paid anywhere between 15 to 30 days of raising your invoice. Outsized will pay you within 5 working days post receipt of funds from the client.

Will Outsized upfront my payment?

Not currently, but it is something we are working on! As per our general contracting terms, we release your payment to you within 5 working days of receiving the funds from the client.

Will I get salary slips?

No. Since Independent talent are not salaried employees, you will not receive a salary slip. To demonstrate the previous level of income to a future employer, you can use the invoices raised during the engagement as proof. Outsized will also confirm your rates if asked.

Benefits and leaves

Will I be eligible for leaves, and if yes, which leave calendar will be followed?
    • Yes, you will be eligible for leaves. The exact policy will be confirmed before starting any contract.
Will any employee benefits be included?

Unlike employees, independent talent do not get benefits such as gratuity, provident fund, holiday pay, leave encashment among others. You need to take this into account when setting your rates. Outsized can give information around what a fair rate for your level of experience and domain tend to be.

Will I get medical insurance coverage from the client? If yes who will all in my family be covered?

Independents generally do not get medical insurance coverage from clients. However Outsized does reimburse an adequate portion of your individual medical insurance premium monthly.

Career and professional growth

Can I work on more than one role/project simultaneously?
    • The vast majority of our opportunities are full time, and in such cases you will not be able to work on other projects simultaneously. The projects and contract roles through Outsized are with global management consulting firms and blue chip enterprise clients and tend to be well paid.

Logistics and visas

Will Outsized, or the client, sponsor visas?
    • This can vary depending on the client and nature of the project. It will be clear in the job description whether or not there is visa sponsorship available.
What type of Visa would I get for short-term projects?

You will usually be issued a business visa when needed.

Will my family be able to accompany me for the role?

The family can accompany you, subject to visa requirements etc, but the cost will not be covered by Outsized or the client.

Equipment and resources

Will I be provided with a company laptop or other necessary equipment?
    • A company laptop will be provided by most of the clients depending on the duration of the project and other factors.

Proof of employment and experience

How can I prove to future employers that I worked with the end client?

The end client will not issue a formal joining letter since that is a practice typically only done for full-time employees. The contract you signed will have the end client’s name and your responsibilities. This has sufficed as proof of employment for most of our talent in the past. Also, as per below, Outsized will also issue an experience letter.

Who will issue an experience letter, Outsized or the end client?

At the end of the contract, Outsized will issue an experience letter.

Can I put my project experience through Outsized on LinkedIn?

Yes, unless mentioned otherwise in any NDA or similar, you can mention the end client’s name on your CV and in your LinkedIn profile.