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Frequently Asked Questions by Outsized clients

Getting to know Outsized

What does Outsized do?

Outsized helps enterprises and consulting firms build and execute agile workforce models at scale. We do this by matching client talent needs to a deep pool of highly-skilled independent consultants, contractors and subject-matter experts.

Our talent platform is curated especially to meet the high quality needs of enterprises and management consulting firms across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

We also serve global quality-conscious clients looking to hire the very best remote independent talent from markets such as South Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. All our talent are vetted and rigorously quality-assured. We are trusted by the leading strategy consulting firms, the Big4, and some of the most discerning blue-chip companies around the world, please check testimonials on our site, as well as our client ratings on Trustpilot.

Skills areas in demand from our clients include Project Management, Digital Transformation, Strategy Consulting, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Technology Implementation, Product Management, Finance, Internal Audit, ESG, and many more.

What are the different products and services Outsized offer?

We offer the following products and services:

  • Talent-on-demand: We match you to individual or multiple requirements for independent consultants, contractors and subject-matter experts. Quickly close capability or capacity gaps for your projects and core functions. Onboard talent in days, not weeks or months.
  • Virtual benches: We build and maintain bespoke talent pools across your priority skill areas. We curate, continuously update, and manage these benches, ensuring that you have access to all the skills you need. See it as your ‘workforce-in-a-box’, enabling you to deploy the skills you need, as and when you need them.
  • Contract-to-hire: Speed up and de-risk hiring for both you and the talent. Employers and candidates get to know each other during the explicit ‘try-before-you-buy’ period, ensuring a great match for both parties. Escape a lenghty and broken permanent recruitment process, and confirm suitability through on-the-job performance instead of through protracted interviews.
  • Contracting-as-a-service: An end-to-end service helping you to contract, pay, and manage your independent talent. We reduce the complexity, time and resources risk associated with onboarding individuals who don’t sit on your payroll, and we ensure that they get a great experience.
How is Outsized different from other talent platforms?

We believe you deserve a partner who has walked in your shoes, who truly understands what great independent talent looks like for a quality-conscious enterprise or a management consulting firm, and who believes in doing business in the right way.

Our whole business was set up with this in mind, and that flows through everything we do. Here’s how:

  • Outsized was built and is managed by former management consultants senior industry leaders. We are not recruiters, and we get you.
  • We do not compromise on quality. Our platform of hand-picked independent talent is curated to meet the needs of demanding clients. Our talent are ex-MBB and Big4 consultants, as well as high-end contractors and subject-matter experts with deep execution skills from industry.
  • We have a unique geographic focus on the dynamic, high-growth markets across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Finally, we are strongly values-driven in terms of how we do business and what we believe in. Integrity, Passion, and Accountability are our guiding principles, and we are a force for good in terms of building a fair and sustainable independent talent market that works for both clients and talent.

Are there any case studies or testimonials from previous clients that I can review?

Yes, you can view testimonials from our clients on Trustpilot ( We have also featured testimonials on the Client page on our website.

There is a Case Studies section under the main Client page on our website.

How do we become a client?

Please get in touch via the Discuss your needs button on the main Client page, or any other get in touch button or form on our site.

Is Outsized a labour broker or a temporary employment service company?

No. We are a talent-on-demand platform, connecting clients with vetted independent professionals for specific, project-based or contractual work tailored to your requirements.

Does Outsized do background checks for the candidates?

Yes we do if the client wants us to, at an additional cost. However, many of our clients prefer to use their own processes for internal compliance reasons. For specific information regarding background checks and how they’re handled please contact our team directly.

Does Outsized assist with permanent talent requirements?

We do not offer traditional permanent recruitment services. However, we have a contract-to-hire offering which allows employers and talent to get to know each other during the ‘try-before-you-buy period, ensuring a great match for both parties. This allows clients to escape lengthy, broken permanent recruitment processes, and instead confirm suitability through on-the-job performance.

We also allow for permanent conversions (for a fee) during the tenure of the contract as long as both parties agree, and we would of course be happy to help fill the gap while you are looking for a permanent employee.

How we match you to top independent talent

How does Outsized ensure the quality and expertise of the independent talent in its network?

Outsized was built by ex-management consultants and senior industry leaders, and our entire proposition is built around providing highly skilled independent talent for discerning clients. In other words, it’s in our DNA!

In practical terms, we ensure the quality and expertise of our independent talent in the following ways:

  • A targetted strategy to attract only top talent to the platform. Pros want to hang out with, and be associated with, other pros
  • Vetting of each and every application before they are approved to the platform
  • Quality-assurance of each talent being put on a client shortlist
  • Client feedback on talent quality and relevance after completing the contract

In the rare case of a mismatch of skills and expectations, Outsized replaces the talent free of charge, no questions asked. Or actually, we do ask questions, but just so we can learn and improve!

What is the process for finding and hiring talent through Outsized?

To find and hire talent through Outsized this is how it works:

  1. Share your need: Use post a project, call or text us the details of your project or contract role needs. This should include information about the ideal profile and skills, budget, and duration of the contract.
  2. Review and select: You will receive a shortlist of vetted talent within days. Review your options and carry out interviews if relevant, then pick your top choice or choices.

Get your work done: Relax, as we get your independent ready for action and handle all the logistics and contract admin.

How long does it typically take to find and onboard freelancers for a project?

Depending on area of expertise you can have a fully vetted independent talent or subject-matter expert on the ground in five days.

Does Outsized perform psychometric evaluations?

No. We do not currently conduct psychometric evaluations of the talent.

Outsized’s role during projects and contract periods

What is the role of Outsized once a project or contract starts?

Outsized plays an important role in the pre-project stages, from supporting the scoping or contract role description, to matching, shortlisting and contracting your resources. After the contracting phase, we do not engage in project execution, leaving that to the expertise of the indpendent and clients. We do check in from time to time though, just to make sure everyone is happy.

How does Outsized facilitate communication between clients and freelancers?

Outsized manages the communication between clients and freelancers before the selection phase, e.g., clarification on scope, deliverables, interviews, etc. Once a freelancer has been selected, there is direct interaction between the client and the individual. This is also the case for fully remote contracts.

How much does it cost?

How much does Outsized charge for it’s services?

Outsized charges an uplift of 20% based on the independent’s rate. For building and managing virtual benches there is a separate setup and subscription fee. The amount depends on how many skill areas are included.

For contracting-as-a-service the uplift is typically lower than for a normal assignment, given that we do not provide the matching service (you already have the talent, and we manage onboarding, contracting and payments).

Please get in touch with us for more information and to discuss your needs when it comes to building and executing your agile workforce needs.

Are there any upfront search fee or other contractual costs before finalising the candidate?

For a standard talent-on-demand or contract-to-hire requirement we do not charge any upfront search fee or other costs (exception being if we are carrying out background checks).

For Virtual Benches we do charge an upfront fee for the build-up of the different talent pools.

How is pricing determined for consulting projects or contract roles?

Outsized does not set the rate for a particular requirement – that is between the client and the independent. Typically the factors deciding what a fair rate is will be a combination of the following:

  • The independent’s experience and the specific skills they bring to the project
  • Market rates for the specific sector and skill set combination
  • Your budget for the project

We are happy to discuss what a likely day rate range will be for your requirement based on our experience from the market.

Can a fixed monthly rate be agreed upon for independents?

Yes. Outsized can give the independents’ fees as daily, monthly or hourly rates to the clients depending on their preferences.

Contracting process and confidentiality

What contracts does a client need to sign with Outsized?

A new client will sign a Master Services Agreement (MSA), outlining all the key terms and conditions between you and Outsized.

For each individual contract under the MSA there will be a separate Statement of Work or similar, outlining the details for that particular assignment.

Will the independent be on our payroll or yours?

You can choose if you’d want the independent to be contracted directly or be subcontracted through Outsized. Most common in most geographies is that the independent is subcontracted via Outsized, and that we manage payments.

What measures does Outsized take to ensure confidentiality and data security in client projects?

Outsized ensures confidentiality and data security by adhering to your project-specific requirements. The measures taken are tailored according to each project’s nature, ensuring confidentiality levels are maintained in line with your expectations and project sensitivities.

Are freelancers required to sign non-disclosure agreements?

The requirement for freelancers to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is determined based on the specific needs of the client, the nature of the project, and, in the case of consulting firm clients, the involvement with ultimate end clients.

What if we are not happy with the talent provided?

Can I terminate the contract if I am not satisfied with the independent?

If you are not satisfied with the independent placed through us, please let our team know immediately. We will replace free of charge.

As a standard term in our contracts, both clients and talent have the right to terminate the contract at any time, but the freelancer will have to serve the notice period (usually 30 days).

Access international top independent talent

Can Outsized help clients find international talent for projects or contract roles?

Yes, we often help clients find international talent, for example for clients in the Middle East or Southeast Asia. Our talent network is global, with particular depth across Asia-Pacific (including India), Africa, and the Middle East. This helps us to match your requirmements to the best global independent talent.

How long does it take to onboard independents for international projects?

This depends on a number of things, such as whether it is a remote or on-site contract, and whether a visa (and if so what type) the talent requires. Please get in touch with us to discuss your particular use case for more specific information.

What is the process for managing projects with freelancers from different countries?

Outsized facilitates projects with freelancers from different countries by focusing on matching talent to the client’s geographic requirements, ensuring the right skillset is available in the desired location. Additionally, we can provide visa support and other necessary assistance depending on the project’s nature and location.

If we have already identified the candidate, can Outsized help us with the onboarding and visa process?

Yes, if you have already identified the independent you wish to onboard, we have a contracting-as-a service product. Please get in touch to discuss your use case.