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Articles, guides, and interviews for clients and talent.

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  • Talent-on-demand report 2024: The skills in demand and what clients are paying by region

    By Niclas Thelander

  • Staying ahead of the curve: How on-demand talent gives your projects a competitive edge

    By Niclas Thelander

  • Quality assurance in rapid talent sourcing: How to choose the right talent partner for your organization

    By Niclas Thelander

  • Guide to hiring independent talent (part 1): Identify the need of freelancer vs permanent employee

    By Johann van Niekerk

  • Set up for success image

    Setting up your independent consultants for success: Key strategies and tips

    By Anurag Bhalla

  • Building business resilience: Effective strategies for consultants during uncertain times

    By Chinmay Bhagat

  • Guide to hiring independent talent (part 2): Scoping of project or contract role

    By Johann van Niekerk