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Quality assurance in rapid talent sourcing: How to choose the right talent partner for your organization

By Niclas Thelander

Quality assurance in rapid talent sourcing: How to choose the right talent partner for your organization


A flexible and adaptable workforce, composed of both in-house and external talent, enables organizations to maintain or even enhance their output without committing to permanent expenses. This talent model offers invaluable versatility, particularly in uncertain periods, and serves as an effective means to swiftly test out novel projects or concepts before committing to significant investments. 

42% of organizations are already outsourcing a significant portion of their workforce to independent talent, while 38% are planning to implement agile talent models in 2024.

Mercer, Global Talent Trends 2024

As more and more organizations adopt this talent model, quality assurance becomes a key success factor. For leaders looking to hire on-demand talent, choosing the right talent partner is of crucial importance. The right-fit partner knows what great looks like, has access to a pool of qualified talent and holds a deep understanding of your specific goals and objectives. 

So how do you make sure you are making the right choice? 

In this article: 

  1. What to look for in a talent partner: 5 things to consider when making your choice
  2. The Outsized approach to quality assurance: our 4 point QA framework that delivers every time

What to look for in a talent partner: 5 things to consider

The right talent partner needs to go beyond just filling a role as quickly as possible. At Outsized, we have been at the forefront of on-demand talent for over eight years. We have seen it all and know what to look for. Here’s what you should expect from a quality talent partner. 

  1. They need to attract the right talent

You want to ensure that your talent partner is not fishing in the ocean but has access to a curated pool of talent that is strategically aligned with your needs. This includes not only hard skills, but also previous experience and soft skills as well. 

  1. They understand what great looks like in your sector

Having deep lived experience in your specific sector is a must when it comes to choosing the right talent partner. They need to know what great looks like in your specific context in order to quickly and efficiently make the right selections on your behalf. 

  1. They leverage smart technology

AI is poised to disrupt almost every industry on the globe and recruitment is no exception. Although in many cases a human high-touch is still necessary and even preferred, being able to speed up the process using smart automations is important. There is no room for error in rapid talent sourcing, but there is room for efficiency. A talent partner that leverages technology is key. 

  1. They guide you strategically

A talent partner you can trust needs to do more than help fill an immediate need. They should guide you strategically and offer big picture solutions to your long-term talent goals. When selecting a partner make sure they can see past your immediate need and into your future goals. 

  1. They specialize in on-demand talent

You want to look for someone who specializes in building agile, on-demand teams, as the way they operate is very different to legacy recruitment firms. The on-demand talent landscape is evolving at a lightning fast pace and it is critical to have a talent partner who understand the trends. 

Deloitte client quote

The Outsized 4-point quality assurance methodology

One of the unique things about Outsized is that the company was founded by former management consultants who spent many years in the exact context many of our clients are in. This has enabled us to build a product and a culture that is tailor made for consulting and enterprise clients. 

In short- we know exactly what they are looking for. 

Our talent platform leverages smart technology to speed up the match-making process, but we also don’t shy away from human intervention when needed. This ensures that there is no guessing when it comes to finding our clients the perfect fit candidate. 

The Outsized approach:

  1. Product QA at onboarding based on historical data

Our 8 years of focus on the highly skilled independent talent sector means we know what great looks like for our clients in management consulting and beyond. This has enabled us to collect relevant data and integrate it into our platform for superior results. 

  1. Human QA at onboarding where product can’t be sure

When our product isn’t able to give us a complete picture of a candidate’s qualifications we rely on our traffic light system. Green light means ourt candidate has been thoroughly vetted, meet our quality demands, and/ or has already completed other similar projects with great feedback. If we get into yellow and red, we rely on human vetting. Nothing is left to chance. 

  1. Deep human QA before first project 

Prior to shortlisting an independent consultant or subject-matter expert to our client, we conduct our own human vetting. We ensure that specific needs of the role are met and that our candidate is a good fit. Many of our clients are repeat clients, so we know exactly what they are looking for in a candidate. 

  1. Client QA at interview and post a project 

Once an independent has been forwarded to our client they often perform an internal interview. This ensures that the candidate also has soft-skill alignment. After each completed assignment, we collect feedback from our clients, which also helps us refine our platform further. 

Final thoughts 

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to swiftly adapt to changing demands while maintaining quality standards is paramount. As organizations increasingly embrace agile talent models, the importance of selecting the right talent partner cannot be overstated. 

At Outsized, we understand the intricacies of sourcing and integrating on-demand talent seamlessly into your organization. Our 4-point Quality Assurance Methodology ensures that every candidate we present aligns with your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

By focusing on attracting the right talent, understanding sector-specific requirements and leveraging smart technology we stand out as a trusted partner in your talent acquisition journey.

About the author

Niclas Thelander is the Founder & CMO at Outsized. He started his career in banking with leading Nordic bank SEB, then worked as a strategy consulting manager at KPMG. He later held in-house strategy and corporate development leadership roles in banking and insurance. Before founding Outsized, he was Director of Value Creation at emerging markets private equity fund LeapFrog Investments, driving growth, impact, and efficiency projects in portfolio companies across Asia and Africa.