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Journey from Project Manager > Project Management Office (PMO)

Transitioning from PM to PMO offers career growth, higher earnings, and a focus on strategic project governance – learn how you can do this

Management Consulting Specialization

Become a consultant-in-training and learn to apply what you’re learning to the assignments included in each course. Learn to think and act like a management…

How to become a Management Consultant

If you’re considering a career in management consultancy, consider understanding what the role involves, what you do on a day-to-day basis, the benefits of working…

Make way from being a Software Engineer > Product Manager

Wondering how to make your next big move into product management? Look no further and explore our career path


Metricool is a social media management and analytics tool that helps businesses and individuals track, analyze, and optimize their social media performance. The benefits of…


A mentorship platform developed to give you access to otherwise inaccessible mentors and help you build your dream career in finance

Business Analytics Specialization

A specialization that provides an introduction to big data analytics for all business professionals, including those with no prior analytics experience.


For independent professionals, lead generation is crucial, but having dedicated time to focus on it is is a luxury. With Dripify, automated LinkedIn marketing and…

5 Ways to build a better LinkedIn Profile

By the end of this project, you will have created a LinkedIn profile optimized for searches and content. Learn how to complete each section of…