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Disability Insurance Plan South Africa

Sanlam’s Disability Insurance solutions offer maximum choice and flexibility. Should you become disabled, the lump-sum payout can be used for day-to-day expenses, therapies, and any…

Disability Insurance Plan Africa

Receive a single amount or monthly payments if you, due to an illness or injury are impaired, unable to work, or to take care of yourself. Choose…

Personal Accident Insurance India

Covers permanent total disability along with education benefits and adaptation allowance

Personal Accident Insurance

AXA reimburses you for your medical, surgical, or hospital fees incurred because of an accident

SBI Life – Smart Income Protect

A flexible plan designed to provide you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Access additional features,…

Retirement Plans in South Africa

Reaching the retirement stage of life is quite a milestone. What matters most are the investments you made along the way that will enable you…

Retirement Calculator for SG

Plan your retirement with precision: Calculate the amount you need based on your age, intended retirement date, and desired lifestyle to plan better

Personal Accident Disability Insurance

Get low-cost, high-benefit personal accident benefits with a quick and easy enrollment process. Choose from different plans

Great Eastern Retirement Plans

Discover retirement income products from Great Eastern that include monthly cash payouts and a guaranteed income stream

Income Protection Insurance

This plan from Sanlam offers maximum choice and flexibility as well as higher cover amounts at attractive rates when compared to industry standards. You can…