Teal HQ

Teal hq is a career growth platform that gives you the tools, skills, and guidance you need to empower and energize your entire professional life.

The benefits of using Teal hq are:

  • It has a job application tracker that can keep your job search on track and bookmark jobs from across job boards
  • It has the AI resume builder that helps in creating tailored resume for every job and get career insights
  • You can optimise your Linkedin profile to get more personalised recommendations and improve your profile
  • Work style assesment test to make your work better and recieve feedback
  • Access to a dedicated job portal for tech based jobs
  • You can quickly save contacts from LinkedIn and organise job search
  • It has the Autofill feature will instantly complete all your applications with AI-powered, personalized answers

Overall, Teal hq is an all-in-one place to organise and manage everything related to job search.

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