Osome is an online bookkeeping and accounting firm that sorts all the boring admin work for you so that you can focus on growing. They cover all industries, with over 200 staff representing 15 nationalities, offices in Singapore (HQ), London, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Some of the features include:

  • Create invoices and give customers secure way to pay
  • Keep on top of your finances with the detailed dashboard showing an overview of the invoices
  • Smart accounting uses your invoices for tax reporting by pulling out details automatically
  • Checked by the expert accountants they help locking in more returns and tax deductions for you the compliant way

How can Osome be helpful to you?

  • Their experts handle tax returns and track of deadlines as well as remind you about paying the right tax
  • Osome automates menial tasks – collecting documents, recognising accounts, assigning tax rates, preparing draft reports
  • They also provide a dedicated financial expert on-call through live chat and responds within one working day for all your doubts

With Osome, freelancers benefit from expert-driven tax handling, automated tasks, and prompt support. Elevate your freelancing experience by entrusting your financial management to a reliable partner, allowing you to focus on your professional growth!

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