Open Flo

You can say goodbye to financial complexities and hello to streamlined business banking with Open Flo the ultimate banking solution for Indian freelancers and consultants! This is India’s only all-in-one digital banking platform, tailor-made for the needs of freelancers and consultants.

Open flo provides the following to manage your finances like:

  • You will receive an Axis Bank debit card with Open Flo, granting you access to checkbooks and Axis Bank branch outlets
  • Get paid faster with robust tools to manage your branded invoices, track client payments, pay vendors, handle expenses, and manage your accounting and taxes
  • They offer collateral-free loans of up to 30 lakhs to grow your freelancing or consulting business
  • Repay your loan within a flexible tenure of up to 60 months with easy monthly installments

The benefits of using Open flo are:

  • Simplify your invoicing process, get paid faster, and effortlessly track your income
  • Manage payments seamlessly within the platform
  • Stay organized by handling your expenses efficiently
  • Stay on Top of your cash flow with automated accounting and GST management
  • Gain control with detailed insights and reports on your profits, income, expenses, and more
  • Effortlessly manage your bookkeeping with automated accounting features that generate detailed reports
  • Handle, file, and pay your GST challan and TDS with ease

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