Doodle is an online scheduling tool that simplifies the process of setting up meetings. It offers a platform where you can propose multiple time slots to your clients, who can then vote on their preferred times. Once everyone’s availability is accounted for, the meeting can be scheduled effortlessly.

The advantages of integrating doodle are:

  • Doodle eliminates the endless back-and-forth emails typically needed to coordinate meetings, saving you valuable time
  • By allowing clients to choose their preferred meeting times, Doodle enhances client satisfaction and involvement
  • Doodle integrates seamlessly with various calendar apps, ensuring you never double-book or miss an appointment
  • Doodle isn’t just for one-on-one meetings; it’s equally effective for coordinating group sessions, webinars, or even public events

Imagine you’re an independent marketing consultant, and you need to arrange a strategy discussion with multiple stakeholders. With Doodle, you can propose several time slots and let each participant indicate their availability. This way, you not only save time but also show respect for your clients’ schedules, fostering a client-centric approach.

You can use doodle by simply following the the below steps:

  • Register for a Doodle account and connect it to your calendar app of choice
  • Create a “poll” proposing multiple time slots for the meeting you wish to schedule
  • Share the poll link via email or instant messaging
  • Review the collected responses and finalize the meeting time, which automatically updates on your connected calendar

With its efficiency, client-centric features, and seamless integrations, this is a must-have for freelancers and independent professionals. Incorporating Doodle into your scheduling toolkit can revolutionize the way you manage appointments, freeing you up to focus on delivering exceptional service.

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