Top website builders for freelancers: Optimise your online presence today

One of the most important tools you will require as a freelancing consultant is a website. A streamlined web page is ideal for showcasing your professional background, portfolio of work and list of clients. It can be an excellent way for potential clients to connect with you. Additionally, it helps position you as a serious business! After all, our number one tip for aspiring and existing freelancers is to approach your independent career like running a business.

To many, building a website might seem like a daunting task. In fact, a simple google search on “how to build a website” will show you about 24 million results! Scary isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With various website building platforms, getting your own page can be a piece of cake.

Outsized is here to make your life easier and we have compiled a list of the top four website builder sites out there. This way, you can focus on winning that new client instead of spending hours trying to find the right service provider.


When you think website builder, many people think Wix. While you might find their YouTube ads a bit distracting, you won’t have any complaints about their platform.

With an incredible 110m user, Wix is certainly the biggest website builder out there. An impressive collection of 500 plus templates gets the design process off to a running start.

Their drag-and-drop editor gives you all kinds of tools and features to explore – an image editor, video backgrounds, animations, social buttons, etc. – and just about everything can be tweaked, tuned and restyled. Thanks to Wix ADI, absolute beginners can now use a guided website creation AI assistant to build a website in no time. This is what dreams are made of for time-poor freelancers!

Additionally, hardly a month passes without Wix announcing a major new feature, which helps keep your website fresh and highly adaptable/ agile to industry requirements.

One feature which set this platform apart from the rest on this list is Wix Turbo, which increases the speed and performance of websites substantially.

PRO TIP: Use Wix Bookings, a convenient self-service appointment booking system for your clients.

The platforms Free subscription comes with ads, so if you’d like to exclude those go for the paid subscription which are very affordable.

PRO TIP: Wix is a fully hosted platform, so you will not have to pay extra for hosting.

Wix does have some weaknesses, with tech support seeming a little sluggish and limited in some respects. But, with the way the platform functions, you might not require much support.


Weebly is another big name in the website building world with 50 million websites created. It comes with hundreds of gorgeous website designs to use as a starting point for your website. If you want a simple and easy-to-use do-it-yourself website editor, a large site (more than 25 to 30 pages), unlimited storage and powerful online store capabilities, then Weebly is for you.

PRO TIP: For those who are wary of committing to a specific website builder forever, Weebly offers the ability to download site files so you can move to another host; a rarity in the site builder landscape.

We love how all their themes adapt perfectly to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (helps clients access your information when they are on the go!)

Unfortunately, Weebly is not a great choice for multilingual websites; thus if you have a multitude of international clients and need your site in various languages, we suggest you go for another platform.

As a fully hosted platform, you don’t need to install and manage any software. They take care of hosting your website and managing all the software that runs in the backend.

In terms of pricing, their paid plan is slightly higher than some other options. However, it does come with a free domain and Google Ads credit worth $100. So, if you are planning to invest in advertising, then choosing their paid plan makes more economic sense in the long run.


Our list would be incomplete without one of the most popular website building platforms globally, WordPress. With over 35% of all websites on the internet powered by WordPress (ours included!), this platform provides users with powerful features, advanced scalability, and ease of use.

A combination of thousands of pre-made templates and themes, a drag and drop feature for customization as well as access to over 55,000 plugins, WordPress can help you build a highly robust website. Through their various plugins, you can add elements to your site like shopping cart, contact forms, google analytics, social media tools and live chat, just to name a few.

Additionally, you update your site from anywhere using their mobile and desktop apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Since it is an open-source website builder, you will get maximum control over your page compared to any other online website builder in this list.

A word of caution: Since WordPress is open source, you need to take care when deciding what plugins to use. There can be security issues if using plugins from unknown sources. Further, free plugins may lack updates and support.

PRO TIP: Use WordPress to easily translate your data into dozens of languages, easily transforming your site into a multilingual platform which will dazzle any international client. WordPress also comes with powerful SEO plugins that search engines love, improving the ranking of your site if used properly.

The platform has a free version as well as very affordable paid versions.

PRO TIP: If this is your first website, we suggest you invest in the paid version since it gives you access to 24/7 support via email, their community forums as well as live chat for real-time assistance. This way if you encounter any hiccups, you don’t have to waste hours trying to figure it out what went wrong!

Go Daddy

GoDaddy is best known for its domain names and web hosting services, so it makes sense that they now also offer website builder software. The GoDaddy builder is one of the most straightforward and easy to use builder available, but it’s also the most restrictive. If you are looking for unique themes and advanced adaptation functionalities, then this builder might not be for you.

However, if you are just starting out in the business and want to test the waters without being overwhelmed with too many choices, then GoDaddy can help you build a stylish and sleek website and get it live in an hour or two!

While GoDaddy might not have the richest library of themes, they have a rich list of plans to suit every pocket. Their Website + Marketing plans are ideal from a novice who wants to get everything from a single plan. In this option, SEO, social media and email marketing come as one plan, with a mobile-friendly website thrown in as well.

PRO TIP: If you want to get the best of two worlds, then opt for their WordPress based hosting plan.  This plan is set up with WordPress installed and ready for use. Additionally, Go Daddy backs up your site on a nightly basis and keeps it safe by ensuring you’re always on the newest version of WordPress, with all security updates applied. Moreover, their WordPress SEO plugin reviews your pages and automatically handles your basic SEO needs, freeing up your precious freelancing hours.


Still not sure what to go for? No worries. You won’t go wrong with any of these plans and the differences between them are not that material. We suggest you play around with a couple of them and decide which one feels right for you. By choosing one and showcasing your services, your experience, some case studies and contact details, you have already done more than many of your peers.