Editable Case Study Template in PowerPoint

Case studies can make or break your pitch to a potential client. We always ask our freelancers to submit case studies when applying for a role because it’s the best way to effectively communicate details about your skills as well as the kind of results you’ve been able to deliver.

However, we have seen that many struggle to create the ‘perfect’ case study. Either, freelancers give very little information or end up sharing endless pages of details, which no client has time to scour through. In both instances, chances are that the crucial details have been completely missed out.

To make life easy for all freelancers/ independent consultants out there, we have created 4 + 1 editable templates that can be applied to almost all industries. So, what’s with the 4 + 1? Well, the first 4 designs are not industry-specific, but the last design was created for Digital Marketing projects.

Click on the button below the image to download all 5 templates, absolutely free. Do not forget to replace our logo in the PPT with your branding, and do feel free to change up the colours based on your personality, preferences or industry.